Hi, I’m Matt Copeland and this is my site.

I have 3 amazing kids and an amazing wife, and together our clan is the best there is. I’m first and foremost a dad and a husband, and very grateful for the opportunity to be both. I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy adventures with my family both close to home and around the world.

Most weekdays I spend a fair bit of time being a building enclosure engineer and leading the building envelope sciences team at Gorman Richardson Lewis Architects. Talk about amazing teams – that’s another group I’m proud to be a part of. We’re innovating every day and carving out a niche in a competitive field. Plus it’s just a fun place to go to work.

On the weekends you are likely to find me wearing a tool belt and doing my best impression of a carpenter. Or a roofer. Or tile setter. Or plumber. Or…. what else is broken today? We are currently (forever?) renovating and repairing our house and I spend a lot of time playing contractor. It’s fun, it saves us a ton of money, and I get to learn some great new skills.

Photography is a hobby, and I’m experimenting with turning it into a side business.

I love the outdoors (a passion luckily shared by the rest of my family) and ski, hike, camp, swim, run, and work in the yard every opportunity I get. Part of this comes from a long history with Scouting and continues today as I am a den leader for my son, and next year my older daughter, as they begin their Scouting adventures as well.

I’m into spiritual exploration, primarily along the lines of eastern practices like Buddhism and the popular new term here in the west “mindfulness”. But I’m an equal opportunity truth-seeker and I’m happy to take wisdom from whoever is dishing it out.

I’m a nerd and love technology. In another life I think I’d be pretty happy writing for The Verge or Ars Technica.

I don’t watch TV if I can help it and I’ve recently sworn off most social media. I am also prone to swearing on and off things with sine wave like finality (ahem, coffee). The only constant is change – again with the Buddhism.

I have no idea what I want this blog to be about. So for now it’s just going to be about whatever nonsense pops into my brain and I feel like typing into the computer. Because I like to type stuff into the computer, and I like WordPress. That’s pretty much the tl;dr of it.