Ecology of the Mind

I read this article today which excerpts a section of a talk by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu on the relationship between the human mind and nature. Buddhadasa was a Thai monk who lived between 1906 and 1993, and he was known as a “forest monk”. I found a lot of resonance with the main concept of the piece – “the ecology of the mind”:

In other words, Dhamma is the ecology of the mind. This is how nature has arranged things, and it has always been like this, in a most natural way. The mind with Dhamma has a natural spiritual ecology because it is fresh, beautiful, quiet, and joyful. This is most natural. It is calm and peaceful because nothing disturbs it. It contains a deep spiritual solitude, so that nothing can disturb or trouble it. Its joy is cool.

Check out this page for some additional reading on “dhamma”.

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