I’m Starting a Photography Side Business for Fun

I love photography and I love business, so I’m indulging my inner entrepreneur and starting a photography business. I also love my day job so it will be a photography side hustle and a fun experiment.

I’m a tinkerer. I’m the person who is constantly moving furniture around to optimize a room layout.

I like testing ideas and seeing what works.

Photography has been a hobby of mine for years, going back to a little Olympus APS film camera that I had as a kid. I get a lot of satisfaction from both the technology – the equipment and processing tools – and the art.

Over the years I’ve amassed a modest collection of basic DSLR gear and learned a bit about a variety of photo processing software. I still have a lot to learn but know enough, and have the tools, to make some engaging photos.

Since I’ve become a dad my subject matter has skewed heavily towards portraits. I find people are more interested in photos of other people too, so it’s practical both from a family documentation standpoint as well as entertainment value.

As a result I have quite a collection of family portraits to draw from, and creating a simple portfolio wasn’t too much effort.

I started looking around for a suitable WordPress theme and stumbled on this awesome tutorial for creating a photography website. I loved the minimalist look right away and jumped into making my own site.

After a couple hours of work over the course of several days, I came up with what I think is a pretty decent site to showcase my portfolio and solicit clients looking for a photographer in Stow, MA.

Now that the basic framework is in place I will start optimizing for organic search and other marketing. As it stands, no one would ever know it’s there!

First on the list is a more SEO-friendly main page, and then some location-optimized landing pages for surrounding towns.

Once someone finds it and decides to try out the service, then I can get some feedback and start optimizing the customer experience too. It’s all sort of a shot in the dark at this point.

I’m excited to have a platform to experiment on, and just see what happens. I have no real expectations, other than to have some fun and learn a few things – both about photography and about business.

I’ve already really enjoyed getting back into some simple WordPress website construction after taking most of the last couple of years off from working on my family travel blog. Not to mention the fun of going back through years of family memories!

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